Invisible Braces

If all you need is a little cosmetic improvement for a great smile and you'd prefer not to have braces,  Invisalign may be the treatment for you. A quick evaluation will tell if you are a candidate for this convenient treatment and, if so, you can have a dazzling smile in just a few months.

Here's how it works

If Drs. Pulitzer determines that you are a candidate for this system, we will take an impression of your teeth and fabricate a series of active aligners, custom-made for you. Each appliance is made of lightweight, clear plastic in the shape of your dental arches.

You will wear each appliance for 3 weeks. The nearly invisible appliances are so easy to wear and talk with, few people even know they have them on. And in just a few months, you'll be enjoying your beautiful new smile. Whether you're in school, on the go with family, a professional in the public eye or active in sports,  Invisalign can easily fit into your busy lifestyle.

It's so convenient

Each aligner works to straighten your teeth in small incremental movements, each getting you progressively closer to your new smile. The final appliance is designed with all the desired correction and can be worn at night as a long-term retainer. It couldn't be easier.

Ask Drs. Pulitzer

Aligners are not for everyone. Minor corrections can be made with aligners but more involved corrections are best accomplished with braces. Drs.  Pulitzer will be able to tell you if you are a candidate. Schedule your complimentary consultation appointment today. After all, your dazzling new smile can be...simple, affordable and convenient.

Find out if you're a candidate for this nearly invisible no-braces treatment. Ask your doctor today!