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Your First Appointment

A tour of our office by one of our friendly staff members.

A comprehensive examination will be performed, including a visual examination of the teeth, jaws, and facial areas. A digital panoramic x-ray will be taken to record the present status of the patient.

After a thorough evaluation by the doctor, a treatment plan will be developed and presented to you. Ample time will be allowed to answer all of your questions and address your concerns. You will be provided with a “Consultation Packet” which details our office policies, procedures, and helpful instructions on how to achieve the maximum benefit from treatment.

Diagnostic records are taken after Dr. Cindy or Dr. Sam performs the initial examination of these records including the following procedures:

  • Panoramic Radiograph -This x-ray is a panoramic picture of the entire mouth, which helps to evaluate the position of both erupted and non erupted teeth, missing or extra teeth, the general condition of bone and supporting tissue, and the general condition of the teeth. (This x-ray is often taken before the initial consultation.)

  • Cephalometric Radiograph –This x-ray shows a lateral (side) picture of the head, which helps to evaluate the position of the jaws. The picture illustrates the outline of the nose, lips and chin and shows how the upper and lower jaws relate to each other and how the front teeth relate to the jaws.

  • Facial Photographs -These pictures consist of a frontal relaxed and smiling face, as well as a lateral profile of the face. They help evaluate facial balance and soft tissue contours (the nose, lips and chin).

  • Intraoral Photographs -These pictures consist of different angles of the teeth to show appearance and condition of the enamel and gingival tissues as well as tooth position.

  • Alginate impressions – These are made of upper and lower teeth so that plaster models of the teeth can be made and studied.

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