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Habit Appliance

There are three primary habits that children may have when it comes to their mouths… finger sucking, tongue thrusting, and lip sucking. Habit appliances are cemented inside the mouth by molar bands to discontinue these habits.

Finger sucking habit will affect the shape of the upper jaw. Upper jaw will become narrow potentially causing back crossbite. Upper teeth may flare outward. If habit persists once the permanent teeth have erupted it will cause unfavorable facial growth pattern, bite issues and dental alignment problems.

Tongue thrust habit is where tongue is thrust forward not allowing the front teeth to come together thus causing an open bite. The tongue swallow pattern needs to be re-trained so that the front teeth can come together.

Lip sucking is where the child puts the lower lip behind the upper teeth causing the upper teeth to flare outward thereby affecting the growth pattern of the face and the bones that support the teeth. This habit needs to stop as soon as permanent teeth erupt.

Why is a Habit appliance being recommended for my child?

Habit appliances are recommended based on •    Severity of the habit •    Severity of the growth changes that have already happened •    Psychological status of the child

Dr. Pulitzer will gladly discuss with you at length if any of these appliances may be right for you child.

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