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Herbst Appliance

What is it?

This appliance is designed to correct your overbite by modifying jaw growth. The rod and tube assembly guides your lower jaw slightly forward, promoting growth of your lower jaw and thereby correcting your overbite.

How will it feel?

Your bite will feel different the first week. Your teeth will feel like they are not meshing together. It will take a few days to become accustomed to your bite position and appliance. Softer foods and cutting foods into smaller pieces is recommended for the first week. If the ball hinges bother your cheeks you can place orthodontic wax on the hinges. Cotton rolls can be placed between your cheeks and the appliance for added comfort. The topical anesthetic cream can be applied to soothe any irritated areas. Warm salt water rinses are also very soothing.


Sometimes when opening too wide or yawning, the rods and tubes may come apart. This is not an emergency. Slowly open wide and position the rods back into the tubes and gently close down. If this happens very often (a few times a day), call our office so we can adjust the herbst appliance.


It will take more time to brush and floss your teeth after the herbst appliance is placed. Be sure to thoroughly clean your appliance with your toothbrush, and rinse your mouth vigorously. A Water Pik is very helpful to clean in and around your herbst appliance. Check carefully when you are finished brushing to make sure your teeth, gum lines and the herbst appliance are sparkling clean!

Avoid all hard, sticky or chewy foods which can damage your appliance. Also avoid soda, even diet soda, and sports drinks, as these can cause discoloration and decay. Use your fluoride rinse daily throughout your orthodontic treatment.

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