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Invisible Braces

If all you need is a little cosmetic improvement for a great smile and you’d prefer not to have braces, the nearly invisible no-braces system  may be the treatment for you. A quick evaluation will tell if you are a candidate for this convenient treatment and, if so, you can have a dazzling smile in just a few months.

Here’s how it works

If Dr. Pulitzer determines that you are a candidate for this system, we will take an impression of your teeth and fabricate a series of active aligners, custom-made for you. Each appliance is made of lightweight, clear plastic in the shape of your dental arches.

You’ll wear each appliance for 3 weeks.The nearly invisible appliances are so easy to wear, few people even know they have them on. In just a few months, you’ll be enjoying your beautiful new smile. Whether you’re in school, on the go with family or a professional in the public eye, our clear plastic trays easily fit into your busy life.

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