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Patient Appreciation Week

We had a fun week of giveaway's to celebrate our #patientappreciationweek! Now it's time to announce the winner! Follow the blog below to see if you have won!

Let's do a little bit of recap. We had two wonderful giveaway's at the same time because let's be honest - our patients are amazing!! The first giveaway, we had on our social media channels which you can follow here:

We were so pleased to have the ability to give this basket away! But, it wouldn't have been possible without our amazing donors! This giveaway is pictured to the left and is filled with the prizes listed below:

Our second giveaway consisted of daily winners, in-office, and our patients LOVED it! You can see a few of our winners below, but be sure to check out our social media pages for even more smiling faces and to see the prizes that were donated by local businesses!

Before we announce our social media contest winner, there's a few businesses we would love to thank for making Patient Appreciation Week possible with their donations!

Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Abingdon Olive Oil Company: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Hands On! Discovery Center: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Marble Slab Creamery: Facebook, Website

Kingsport Aquatic Center: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Lamplight Theater: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Dewayne’s World - Comics & Games: Facebook, Instagram

King’s Sport Axe House: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Creation Kingdom Zoo: Facebook, Instagram, Website

NCG Cinema: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Blackbird Bakery: Facebook, Instagram, Website Rainbow Ends Floral: Facebook, Instagram, Website

Marquee Cinema: Facebook, Instagram, Website

And now for the Basket Giveaway Winner.... Congratulations to Brenda Ramey! Thank you to everyone that entered, participated in our daily giveaway's, and especially to our amazing local small businesses that donated prizes to make this week possible!

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